The company TIKOMP Ltd. is founded in 1991 shortly after the social and economic changes in Bulgaria. Prior that time our specialists used to work in one of the Bulgarian leading Research Institutes and possess a rich experience in design engineering and drawing of specialized machine details. 

One of the main directions of our activities is manufacture of details under our own patents and technologies with application in various fields of Machine Industry.

We are specialized in production of metal components and assemblies by punching and deep drawing processes, where very good mechanical characteristics, exactness of dimensions and good surface quality can be achieved.

Design and production of tools and dies for plastic deformation processes and dies for plastic materials and rubber as well.

From different plastic materials and rubber we are able to produce complicated parts and components.



Knjaz Mirski Str.2A
6100 Kazanlak

tel./fax: 0431/647 60
tel.: 0888 434 606